D’REGEN is a DNA nutrition beverage loaded with natural antioxidants. This super-charged beverage with high antioxidant berries and other potent ingredients provides the body with 8,089 ORAC value in each sachet. Our diabetic-friendly formulation is packed with nutritious and energy-filled ingredients that are low in sugar. Moreover, fresh and natural broccoli sprouts are processed into glucoraphanin, which then produces sulforaphane when consumed to retain its maximum nutrients and truest flavour.

Key Benefits

  • Broccoli sprouts contain 10 to 100 times more enzymes than fruits and vegetables
  • Advanced encapsulation techniques that yield the maximum amount of sulforaphane
  • Nourishes, protects, and renews optimal cellular health
  • Easiest way to get antioxidant protection and cellular detoxification
  • Cleanse & keeps your body figure in shape
  • Highly digestible and increase nutrient absorption


Can children take D’REGEN?

D’REGEN is a tasty and nourishing alternative for children. It contains valuable substances from natural fruits and vegetables.

What makes D’REGEN different from other products?

D’REGEN provides valuable phytonutrients as well as vitamins and minerals with highly concentrated fruit and berry from natural sources in powder form.

What does D’REGEN consist of?

D’REGEN is made with more than 20 fully ripe fruits, berries, and ingredients that are gently processed using our own special methods. The result is a powder made with highly concentrated juice and pulps that provide a maximum amount of valuable micronutrients. Definitely. It’s made from natural fruits and vegetable extracts thus safe for your child’s consumption.