Yamato Clam Tablet


Found in Japan’s Shinji Lake. The location has been deemed to be a Wildlife Protection Area by the Government of Japan due to its unique location where it brings in sea water and fresh water. Yamato Clam is packed with essential amino acids as well as contains abundant Choline and Vitamin B12. Its traditionally used as a liver enhancing tablet, and best used for sleep deprivation, stress and heavy drinking.

Key Benefits

  • High biological value in proteins and ideal calcium-phosphate ratio for better absorption into the body.
  • Used as a liver enhancing tablet, aid in combating, sleep deprivation, stress, and drinking.


1. What happens when I consume Yamato Clam?

An individual may feel a hot sensation, tiredness, drowsiness, diarrhoea, itchy skin or face insomnia. However, during these processes, your body would trigger a “healing crisis reaction”.  When these reactions occur, it means that the body is entering into a recovery mode.

2. Can children consume Yamato Clam? 

Yes, as it not only improves their concentration, but enhance nutrient absorption and strengthens immunity. However, it is only recommended that they consume 1 tablet every night before sleeping.